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Eye of Round

Sitting pretty on the back leg (round) of a steer, the eye of round is like the black and white cookie of beef. It's a wonderfully lean and thick-grained, but also has a scrumptious fat cap along its entire length. For a quick roast, score the fat cap, season it up to your liking, give it a nice hard sear, and pop that sucker in the oven at 350°F until the internal temperature hits 115°F or so for a nice rare roast beef. Zip the oven up to 425°F for a hot minute and get the fat nice and crisp. Let it rest for at least ten minutes before breaking into that bad boy. If you're fancy and know how to tie a butcher's knot, get it tied up nice and uniformly before doing any seasoning or cooking. If you like steaks with a bit of chew, you can also cut part or all of it into some nice filets! For more in-depth recipes, here's Oklahoman's steak alternative, and if you have a NY Times subscription, Melissa Clark's take on roast beef. 

This cut is one of the items you can receive in our Family Meal