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Petite Tender

Petite Tender

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Grass-fed, grain-finished and locally-sourced Pennsylvania beef. 

Otherwise known by its Latin name, teres major, is a delightful small nugget of beef plucked out of the shoulder. Immensely popular among caterers, this filet mignon imitator serves as a great option to share with a friend, lover, or arch-nemesis. You can cut it into medallions for a quick grill/sear or roast it whole and slice afterwards. 

  • 1 - 12-16oz steak per pack 
  • Frozen
  • Shelf life: seven days in the fridge or up to one year frozen
  • Let thaw in the refrigerator. Place in fridge in the morning for use in the evening
Qty.  Portion Size Unit Price
 1 steak/pk

2 portions/ steak 


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