• Dan Honig | Owner

    The inspiration behind Happy Valley Meat Co: 

    "My inspiration for starting HVMC came from two things: the first is that it’s hard for farmers to work directly with chefs, especially on beef, so we exist to change that and make it easy for chefs to have relationships with small farms. The second is that we believe we owe animals a good life—it's okay to eat them, but it's not okay to subject them to a system of mass torture. These two points make up our mission—to improve the lives of the people and animals that feed us."

  • Kevin Early | Sales

    What’s most exciting about working at HVMC:

    "I love that our focus is revolved around bringing business to small scale family farms in the region. As our business grows, more money and resources are invested back into local agricultural communities. I think that's super important."

  • Brittany Chappell | Operations

    What is the best HVMC meal you've had?

    "Honestly, the sandwich steak is always a hit. I can make as close to a real philly as possible at home thanks to how thinly our sliced sandwich steak is sliced. Pair it with a good roll, peppers, onions, and provolone for a perfect sandwich."

  • Jesse Rickard | Sales

    You're describing where you work to a 5 year old. Go.

    "I work at a company that buys cattle from awesome local farms and turns it into great beef for restaurants and schools. We handle everything once the beef leaves the farm so the farmer can focus on farming. My job within that is to help the chefs find the best cuts for them!"