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Our Team

Happy Valley Meat Co. wasn't started by tech moguls with millions in funding. We're a small team of hard-working people and dedicated partners passionate about our mission. 



Dan Honig, Owner

The inspiration behind Happy Valley Meat Co: "My inspiration for starting HVMC came from two things: the first is that it’s hard for farmers to work directly with chefs, especially on beef, so we exist to change that and make it easy for chefs to have relationships with small farms. The second is that we believe we owe animals a good lifeit's okay to eat them, but it's not okay to subject them to a system of mass torture. These two points make up our missionto improve the lives of the people and animals that feed us."


Tyler Bauer, Operations

What’s most exciting about working at HVMC: "The work I do at HVM has real, lasting consequences for people and animals. I get to see the impact of the work we do by visiting the farms and seeing the entire process of farm to customer."


Kevin Early, Sales

What’s most exciting about working at HVMC: "I love that our focus is revolved around bringing business to small scale family farms in the region. As our business grows, more money and resources are invested back into local agricultural communities. I think that's super important."


Ashley Peña, Marketing 

The impact of working at HVMC: "Telling the story of Happy Valley offers an opportunity to see a lot of the gears in motion here. The work we do is a great example of the impact just a few really hard-working people can have. What we do every day makes an actual difference in the world, on a small scale right now, but that still feels really good."


Our Partners:

Our farmers and processors are real people whose work every day makes ethical meat accessible. All of the farms and processors we work with adhere to high welfare standards. We’ve always invited chefs to come meet our farmers and processors face-to-face on our farm trips. It’s harder to do that with the thousands of individuals who are eating our meat across the country, but we hope to be hosting virtual farm-tours for everyone soon!