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Happy Valley Meat Company

HVM BBQ Box (~10.5 lbs)

HVM BBQ Box (~10.5 lbs)

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WHY WE LOVE IT: This package is a no brainer for a big cook out weekend (16-20 people) or just to stock the freezer to conveniently have available all summer long. It includes all of our favorites!

Our 100% beef hot dogs are out of this world, especially if you try them spiralized. They have a slightly more complex flavor that hits all those nostalgic hot dog notes. Not to mention the springy, almost pillowy, texture that makes them a pure joy to eat.

Our smoked Beef Kielbasa (this has a pork casing), is the older sibling to our hot dogs. They are more worldly with their smokey flavor blending perfectly with garlic and beefy beef. The texture is not as uniform as the hot dog, but instead, pockets of juice allow for bursts of flavor. 

Finally, a burger needs no introduction, but ours deserves its flowers. With the right blend of fat to lean, and a finer diameter blade on the grind, these burgers pack juicy flavor while staying tender. Throw them on the grill with some grilled onions and cheese and you're good to go! 


 Qty.  Cut 
4 pack  6oz patties 4pc/pk
3 pack Hot dogs 6pc/pk 16oz
2 pack Smoked Kielbasa 4pc/pk 12oz/pk
Total:  ~10.5 lbs. of meat (All meat arrives frozen)


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