Feeding Pennsylvania with HVM Beef

Feeding Pennsylvania with HVM Beef

Has Karma ever kissed you on the mouth? In 2019, we reached out to our local Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to donate 100 lbs of meat. Turns out, food banks need to buy meat too. While Dan was simply extending a helping hand, he has the PASS (Pennsylvania Agriculture Surplus System) act to thank for this customer now going on 3 years and over 700K pounds. The PASS Act, 12 years old now, has allowed Pennsylvania’s ag industry to donate safe, sustainable food products while being reimbursed for the costs involved in production (harvesting, processing, packaging, and transporting). Without PASS, all of this food would likely be wasted one way or another. 

A Community in Need

Despite this seemingly massive amount of beef, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank continues to seek other partners to provide chicken, ham, sausage and other protein (not to mention tons of fresh produce and eggs—both in high demand). The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank alone has worked with 50+ different agricultural partners this past year and with 27 counties to serve, they’re always looking to add more. On average, 145,000 people a month count on the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank for their meals. That’s 1 in 10 people experiencing food insecurity, including 1 in 7 children. “Many of the neighbors we serve work full time (sometimes two jobs), but it’s still not enough to pay bills and buy groceries,” said Amy Hill, Director of Community Engagement & Advocacy. “As we learned in a big way during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are just one unplanned financial crisis away from food insecurity. The charitable food network provides temporary assistance to get people back on their feet while they work through it.”

A Whole Lotta Local Love

The food bank has been an amazing partner for us in that they help us balance all the cuts that come off of an animal. This lets us bring in more animals and have a bigger impact. Win win! We are so grateful that our missions align. Ultimately, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank’s partnership with us and directly with farmers are a hearty expression of local love. It's all part of a virtuous cycle, one that HVM was founded on—when communities come together, it creates a ripple effect that benefits people on many levels. This is more than just reducing and redistributing food waste—it's about creating strength in our neighborhoods and banding together to fight hunger one meal at a time. 

Help support the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank by donating today. They rely on the generosity of the community to fund their 9 banks across the state and maximize work wherever possible. Any amount is highly appreciated, especially during this holiday season!

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