Are your animals grass-fed?

Our animals all eat mostly grass diets, but they’re not 100% grass-fed. Our farmers introduce grain into their diets in the last several months of their lives to help improve marbling. But they’re still very happy and healthy! It’s like an athlete putting on a bunch of weight around the holidays.

Can I get 100% grass-fed beef from you? 

We occasionally have 100% grass-fed beef available at a slight premium. Please get in touch with us at sales@happyvalleymeat.com to inquire about availability.

Are your animals antibiotic- and hormone-free? 

Our animals never receive any hormones, and only get antibiotics when a veterinarian deems it necessary. We require that those “therapeutic” antibiotics be given time to clear an animal’s system before it comes to slaughter.

Are your animals GMO-free? 

At this stage, our animals are not GMO-free. Many of our farmers plant commodity corn on their farms, some of which they feed to their animals. Some of that corn is genetically modified. 

How many farms do you work with? 

The majority of our beef comes from about a dozen farms.We work with a rotating ground of cattle farms that all grow beef animals to our standards.

What breeds are your cattle, pigs and lamb? 

Our cattle are mixed, but they’re almost exclusively English breeds (Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn), with Black Angus being far and away the majority of the genetic stock.

What is your wholesale order minimum?

Roughly 30 lbs.

How many days a week do you deliver wholesale orders?

Monday - Friday

What is your dry aging program?

We dry age all of our beef for between 7 and 14 days. We age the entire side of beef. We can age specific cuts (ribeyes, strips, sirloins) for an additional $1.10/lb off the weight going into the plant. We can cut and portion these as well.

Do you do custom cutting / portioning?

We are capable of doing custom cutting and portioning, though it’s not our specialty. The slaughterhouses charge us to do that kind of further processing, and we pass that cost along to our customers. Usually it’s between $1 and $2, more when there are significant yield losses due to portioning. We need to know a week in advance for any special cuts so we can put it on the cut sheet for the plants.