Masonic Village Farm

Founded in 1910, Masonic Village was built as a self-sustaining retirement community for Free Masons in Elizabethtown, PA that originally grew their own food - cattle for beef and milk, orchards for fruit, and plenty of vegetables. While Masonic Village is still an active retirement community (not just for Masons), only the beef cattle and fruit orchards are still operating. Masonic Village, managed by head farmer Scotty Miller, has a cow-calf operation, meaning they have momma cattle that produce calves that they finish for beef.

Shook Farm

Dan Shook raises beef and pork. His beef animals are raised on pasture and finished with grains he grows on his own property. He raises a mix of heritage breed hogs - Old Spot, Berkshire, Duroc, Red Wattle - which he lets roam in woodlots around his property. This allows them to display natural piggy behaviors like rooting for bugs and grubs. Dan is one of the first farmers to give us a shot!

Ste-Wan Farm

Ste-Wan Farm is run by husband and wife Steve and Wanda Hook in Middleburg, PA. The Hooks are known for raising and showing their pure-bred Simmental cattle. Simmentals are large animals with big steak muscles and spot-on marbling. When we first started out, Ste-Wan's beef were intimidatingly large - their carcasses weighed upwards of nine hundred pounds (huge!). Ste-Wan's beef is exceptional, so we're glad to have more of it. Steve and Wanda raise their animals on pasture and then finish with grains they grow on their own property.

Timmons Farm

Tea Creek Farm

Home Winds Farm