We Do Meat Differently

Our Commitment:

Our mission is to improve the lives of the people and animals that feed us. We’re working at this by providing chefs, whether at home or in fine-dining restaurants, access to ethically-raised meat from family farmers.

Local small-scale farmers want to supply consumers in urban areas, but lack the time, infrastructure, scale and resources to move all the cuts of an animal. That’s where Happy Valley Meat Co. comes in. We purchase whole animals from farmers, work with small-scale processors to portion our meat, and sell every single part of the animal to people who want it. 


As a certified B Corp, we do our best to work better. We consider the impact our work has on our partners, employees, the community, and the environment. Our farmers are paid a significant and fixed premium over commodity prices for humanely raised animals. This ensures better lives for farmers, a better ecosystem for animals, and better food for all.

We think that makes sense.