Chuck Underblade (Denver Roast)The Hidden Steak

Chuck Underblade (Denver Roast)The Hidden Steak

Denver Roast


Indubitably one of our favorite cuts of beef. It's tucked away deep inside the shoulder (chuck) of a steer, surrounded by muscles that need very long braises. The "Chunderblade," however, can have marbling that rivals a ribeye!

The basics: 

You can chop some velvety steaks out of this pup, but I'd recommend treating it like short ribs. Get your veggies in your stock of choice and bring that up to a boil. Add the meat (after you've seared it), whether cut into chunks or left whole, and make sure it's all submerged in liquid. Bring it down to a simmer and let it do its business until the beef is falling apart, probably at least two hours depending on the size. You'll never order another braising cut again. 

Happy Valley approved recipe:

This recipe from Sohui Kim from INSA, Good Fork and Gage & Tollner is an absolute winner - sub in a "chunderblade" no problem. 

This cut is one of the items you can receive in our Family Meal

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