Perfectly cooked sausage

The Better Banger- Tips for Cooking a Perfect Sausage

 Follow our simple steps to avoid the most common sausage mistakes. 



Preparing delicious sausage should be easy. So why is it that the romantic idea of seamlessly moving link from fridge to grill, to bun, to mouth often leads
to disappointment?

It’s all about the process and the “just throw it on the grill or in a pan” method is out. There’s a better way to cook sausage. It may have one more step than you’d like, but it’s less troublesome than you’d think.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll never end up with a burnt, undercooked, sandy, shriveled, blown-out, or lesser frank again.


The Basics:


Don’t Poke.
Keep the skewers and knives away before the meat hits the heat. We want all of the seasoning and rendered fat to stay inside of the casing.

Then, Poach.

Poaching is the key to a better banger. Start them in enough cold water (or beer, wine, cider, stock, other wet stuff) to cover in a pot, then season with salt, and bring to a gentle simmer. Remove from the pot and dry.

Now, brown.
Do it any way you'd like to, but don’t skip this step. The guiding principle here is to use a lower heat, no more than medium-low to medium. Like ‘em sliced into fat coins for a white bean ragout? Split down the middle and fried in olive oil for a hero? Or grilled whole and tucked into choucroute? Sure, go for it!





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