Top Blade Steak from Family Farms

Top Blade Steak from Family Farms

Sitting underneath the scapula (shoulder blade) the mystical top blade is a fascinating cut. Hiding within this muscle group are two incredibly tender steaks - flatirons - in fact, they're the second most tender cuts from a steer. Retrieving them is another story. In between these two steaks is a thick piece of sinew; it's actually this sinew that helps these steaks stay so tender as it alleviates all the work the muscles need to do. It takes a skilled butcher to remove these steaks. That's why we recommend that you treat the top blade as a roast.

The Basics:

Follow similar instructions to the eye round recipe, except cook this guy a wee bit longer, to about 125°F, as it takes to a medium-rare to medium finish much better. There will still be some connective tissue that hasn't broken down that you'll need to eat around. If you want an "easy chew" experience you can also choose to braise this guy. Alternatively, trim the fat and silverskin back and cut steaks. The thick piece of sinew won't break down at all, but you can eat the really tender meat off of either side. If you're going the slow cook method, you can also pick your favorite pot or chuck roast recipe.

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