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Happy Valley Meat Company

Whole Beef Oxtail

Whole Beef Oxtail

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Grass-Fed, grain-finished, and locally-sourced Pennsylvania beef. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Don’t let the name confuse you, this is from the tail of a beef animal, not an ox. Cooked properly, there is no substitute for the collagen-rich marrow filled delight that is oxtail.

  • Average 1.25-2.25 lb. per pack
  • They arrive whole, not cut up
  • Ships frozen
  • Shelf life: Three days in the fridge or up to one year frozen
  • Let thaw in the refrigerator. Allow at least 24 hours to thaw 


 Qty.  Portion Size Portion Price
1 pc 1 tail will produce ~3 portions $6.25/portion


FROM THE CHEF: Low and slow is the name of the game. This cut is fatty, rich, and downright delicious but it can be a time commitment. You’ll receive the oxtail whole so, it’ll need to be broken down into smaller pieces. For help with cutting down the oxtail, we found this truly delightful video for you. You can also make the ultimate cold-night dinner, by following Chef Jay Wolman’s recipe for Braised Oxtail with Polenta.

BUTCHER’S LESSON: Don’t let the name fool you, the oxtail is the tail of a beef animal, not an ox. This cut is richly flavored, dense in connective tissue, and has the real gem-a marrow filled bone in the center.

RAISED RESPONSIBLY: Like all of our meat, this comes from farmers who raise their animals with respect. They follow strict animal-welfare guidelines. These farmers work hard every day and in return, we take care of them by paying fair and consistent prices for their animals. We think that makes sense.

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