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Happy Valley Farms

Rettland Farm 

Rettland Farm 

Rettland Farm is a small family farm in Gettysburg, PA that produces Cornish Cross chickens and Tamworth breed heritage pigs on seasonal pasture, without the use of any antibiotics or synthetic growth promotants, ever. They process all of their own poultry and pork cuts and produce their unique line of Farmstead Butcher artisanal sausages in their own on-farm USDA inspected butcher shop.

Masonic Village Farm

Founded in 1910, Masonic Village was built as a self-sustaining retirement community for Free Masons in Elizabethtown, PA. They grew their own food - cattle for beef and milk, orchards for fruit, and plenty of vegetables. During the 70’s, the USDA imposed more regulations on farms and labor costs increased exponentially. While Masonic Village is still an active retirement community (not just for Masons), only the beef cattle and fruit orchards are still operating. 

The head farmer, Frank Stolfutz, has been on the farm since the 80’s and keeps a close, scientific eye on the herd. His protégé, Scotty Miller, will be taking over the ropes when Frank retires next year. Masonic Village has a cow-calf operation, meaning they have momma cattle that produce calves that Frank finishes for beef. In his retirement, Frank will act as a farmer consultant for us and visit our other farmer partners to share his knowledge on cover cropping and rotational grazing. Their operation is Certified Humane.

Masonic Village Farm

Ste-Wan Farm

Ste-Wan Farm

Ste-Wan Farm is run by husband and wife Steve and Wanda Hook in Middleburg, PA. The Hooks are known for raising and showing their pure-bred Simmental cattle. Simmentals are large animals with big steak muscles and spot-on marbling. When we first started out, Ste-Wan's beef were intimidatingly large - their carcasses weighed upwards of nine hundred pounds (huge!). Ste-Wan's beef is exceptional, so we're glad to have more of it. Steve and Wanda raise their animals on pasture and then finish with grains they grow on their own property.

Shady Ridge Farm

Shady Ridge is run by Scott Brown in Port Matilda, PA. Scott used to be a dairyman, who raised beef cattle for himself. He decided to try his hand at the beef business and expand the beef herd he raised for himself - we think he's doing a great job. Scott's father raises elk on the farm, and we're excited to see if we can try to work with Shady Ridge on some new and exciting proteins. Their farm is Certified Humane.

Shady Ridge Farm

Tanis Farm & Shook Farm

Shook Farm

Jake Tanis is a third-generation dairy farmer who always loved keeping beef cattle. Originally, his family ran a large dairy in New Jersey. But Jake decided to move his family to Centre Hall, PA where he has become a pillar of the farming community. His animals are grass-fed and grain-finished, and antibiotic and hormone-free. His operation is Certified Humane. Even in retirement, Jake works hard to produce some of the best beef out there.

Neighboring Tanis Farm, Dan Shook raises beef and pork. His beef animals are raised on pasture and finished with grains he grows on his own property. He raises a mix of heritage breed hogs - Old Spot, Berkshire, Duroc, Red Wattle - which he lets roam in woodlots around his property. This allows them to display natural piggy behaviors like rooting for bugs and grubs.

Wolfe Brothers Farm

Hailing from Wellsboro, PA, Kris and Tony Wolfe farm the rolling hills around their little grand canyon. They see themselves as caretakers of the earth and the animal lives they’re entrusted with. Starting with a deep respect for the soil that is the bedrock of their farm, they employ cover crops and forages that not only feed their cattle but the microbiology that builds healthy soils. Their role as caretakers really comes to light as they raise both grass fed and grain finished beef using all-natural methods. Keeping animals healthy and growing without the use of antibiotics, steroids, or hormones is not for the faint of heart, but they do it with attention to detail and a holistic approach to animal welfare. Their cows and calves are raised on pasture and supplemented with forage from their farm during the winter. 

Wolfe Bros. Farm

Happy Valley Processors

Rising Spring Meats

Rising Spring Meats (RSM) is our gateway to the farming community. All farmers need to have their animals processed and turned into salable cuts of meat, but the number of small slaughterhouses is rapidly shrinking. Farmers who have raised their animals responsibly want to make sure that their animals are respected, that their work is respected and that the people who are slaughtering and cutting the animals they put so much hard work into knowing what they are doing. RSM fits the bill.

The story of Rising Spring Meats is the story of the American agricultural system. The plant itself is one hundred years old; however, as the processing industry began to consolidate to meet the needs of large companies, the old plant went out of business. The small farmers in the area recognized that they needed a plant where they could have a relationship with the people who play an integral role in turning animals into food. So, three farmers grouped together to obtain financing to buy the old plant, bringing RSM back from the dead. We are glad to have found RSM. Without them, we wouldn't have any delicious meat from the Happy Valley, and that would be a shame.


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