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Local meat needs you.

We can't have local without you.

Prime cuts of steak get a lot of well-deserved love, but behind every steak is a stack of burgers, roasts and stew. We say it takes a whole community to move all the cuts. Better beef takes a village.

HVM Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Sourcing is key to taking the best meals to the next level.

HVM Retail


Educating meat eaters every day also means having more in stock. We call that whole animal plus a little extra.

HVM Institutional

Everyday Dining

The essential balancer. Burgers, lasagna, and more that make local possible. Making local available to a wide audience. Local is for everyone.

Honestly better beef.

At Happy Valley, we enjoy beef unapologetically, and with deep gratitude for all those who make it possible. From the cows to the farmers to the processors to you. We value and support each other's health, happiness, and quality of life up and down the line, and we hope you'll join us.

HVM Cows

Let's dig in.