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Happy Valley Meat Company

Tri-Tip Steak

Tri-Tip Steak

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Grass-fed, grain-finished and locally-sourced Pennsylvania beef.  

WHY WE LOVE IT: A quintessential grilling cut, the tri-tip is both lean and rich in beefy flavor. This is a great option for a delicious steak that won’t break the bank, or prove overly complicated to cook.

  • 24oz per pack
  • Ships frozen
  • Shelf life: seven days in the fridge or up to one year frozen
  • Let thaw in the refrigerator. Place in fridge in the morning for use in the evening
Qty.  Portion Size Unit Price
24 oz.

 1 steak/3 people



COOKING NOTES: The tri-tip takes well to the classic steak cooking techniques. The tri-tip is also great with a spice rub, so if you’ve got some extra spice bottles collecting dust in the cabinet, go ahead and break them out on this one. Also, after cooking, make sure you slice against the grain before serving for the most tender bite.

BUTCHER’S LESSON: The tri-tip comes from the sirloin, which is where the animal's back leg meets the loin. It's a pretty complex muscle as it's grain structure runs in three different directions, hence the name tri-tip. The North American Meat Institute is pretty clever.

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