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Happy Valley Meat Company

Happy Valley Meatballs

Happy Valley Meatballs

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Grass-fed, grain-finished and locally-sourced Pennsylvania beef. Fully Cooked. Made with 80% lean beef. 

WHY WE LOVE THESE: These minimally-processed meatballs are an absolute favorite among the Happy Valley Team. Maybe it’s because we’re all tired of cooking, but having frozen food taste this good feels like a serious treat. 

  • 12oz /pk
  • Frozen
  • Shelf life: Seven days in the fridge or up to one year frozen
  • Can be heated up from frozen or place in the fridge in the morning for use in the evening
 Qty.  Portion Size Unit Price
12 oz

~12 1 oz meatballs (~3 Meals, 4 meatballs)


Ingredients: Beef, Water, Cracker Meal (Wheat Flour, Water), Eggs (Whole Eggs, Citric Acid), Spices, Sea Salt, Nonfat Dry Milk.

FROM THE CHEF: These are fully cooked so you just need to heat and serve. Do that however you see fit, but we recommend browning in some butter or oil on the stove for maximum deliciousness.

RAISED RESPONSIBLY: All of our meat comes from farmers who raise their animals with respect. These meatballs were made with meat from Masonic Village Farms which has been operated by farmer Frank Stolfutz since the 80's, so we know exactly what we’re getting and now you do too. 

BUTCHER’S LESSON: Meatballs are made of ground beef. Ground beef can come from just about anywhere on a cow making it the most sustainable type of beef because it helps us use all the meat on an animal.

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