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Lamb Chorizo Sausage - .9 lb

Lamb Chorizo Sausage - .9 lb

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From pasture-raised lamb, sausages made on the farm.

WHY WE LOVE THESE: Chorizo is an irreplaceable addition to breakfast tacos, steamy pots of clams and muscles, or the center of a charcuterie board. The bold flavor and medium spice on these artisanal sausages is completely crave-worthy.

  • .9 lb per pack
  • Ships frozen
  • The Casing is a beef collagen casing


FROM THE CHEF: Chorizo is great because it's such a versatile ingredient. Go HAM with chorizo sausage on a bun with lots of mayo, cool pickles, and beer on the side. Or, remove the casing and mix your chorizo in with scrambled eggs for the ultimate hangover cure. On a cool night, you can chop these into 1/2 pieces and add into a steaming pot of clams or muscles for a kick of spice and flavor. Check out our Better Banger Tips for a simple three-step method for cooking sausages at home. 

RAISED RESPONSIBLY: Like all of our meat, this comes from farmers who raise their animals with respect. Rettland Farm is a small family farm in Gettysburg, PA that produces chickens, turkeys, hogs and lamb all out on seasonal pasture, without the use of any antibiotics or synthetic growth promotants, ever. They process all of their unique line of Farmstead Butcher artisanal sausages in their own on-farm USDA inspected butcher shop.

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